Open 6 Days a Week! Thurs- Tues 8a-2p. Closed Weds.
Open 6 Days a Week! Thurs- Tues 8a-2p. Closed Weds.
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Our Menu

Bend Oregon Brunch at Cafe Des Chutes

Indulge in European flavors at our charming café.

Coffee, Tea, Sandwiches, Light Fare & Delightful House Baked Pastries – Vegan & GF friendly.

At Café des Chutes we bake and make everything our tiny kitchen will allow in house and from scratch. As much as we are able, we source organic and from local producers. Below is our standard menu though at times you may find other special and seasonal items on display when you visit our shop!

Please Note: While we do our best to keep our website updated you may find that there are minor discrepancies between our website menu and brick & mortar offerings! In this case, we will defer what is present and most current. Thanks for your flexibility and understanding.


 ~ Croissant Pastry ~

Butter Croissant- Flaky, Buttery, Delicious! A French Classic.

Chocolatine- Laminated Croissant Dough rolled with 3 batons of Valrhona Chocolate.

Ham & Cheese Croissant- Applewood smoked ham, a blend of Swiss & Asiago, with Dijon, apricot jam, sage and black pepper in a twice baked butter croissant.

Oregon Roll- Our House Specialty! Marionberry Jam rolled in croissant dough, baked to perfection and topped with a luscious Hazelnut Butter Glaze.

Pistachio Croissant- A Café Favorite, this confection is a twice baked croissant infused with vanilla syrup & a hint of Apricot Jam, filled with Pistachio Frangipane Pastry Cream, and topped whole pistachios and powdered sugar.

Savory Bread Pudding – A frugal approach to decadence, we soak leftover croissant in a creamy egg custard, stuff it with roasted mushroom, red onion, spinach, Swiss, and a hint of lemon zest then bake it to a golden brown to make this delightful Brunch Treat.

~ Baked Goods ~

Banana Bread- Buttery, moist, and Packed with Bananas!

Cheesecake- Classic Style Cheesecake – so creamy, luscious, and rich that you wouldn’t know it’s Vegan! Also Nut Free.

Lemon Poppyseed Mini Bundt Cake- Cute, Lemony, individual sized cakes that are light and springy! Topped in a Citrus Glaze. Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free.

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie- rich, with crispy edges and a chewy interior, topped with Maldon Sea Salt.

Peanut Banana Brownie- chocolatey, fudgy & satisfying, with peanut butter in the center- this brownie is Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Paleo.

~ Breakfast Sandwiches ~

The B.A.T.-  Hill’s smoked Bacon, Arugula chimichurri, Tomato jam and baked egg with Fine Herbes, a drizzle of Agrumato lemon oil & Maldon Sea Salt on a flaky, buttered croissant.

Veggie Egg Sando- Roasted mushroom, red onion, spinach, arugula chimichurri, Manchego, and baked egg with Fine Herbes, a drizzle of Agrumato lemon oil & Maldon Sea Salt on a toasted English muffin (GF, DF option available).

Ham Egg & Cheese Sando- Applewood Smoked Ham, Havarti, and baked egg with Fine Herbes on a toasted English muffin (GF option available).

Breakfast Sandwich Add Ons:

Ham or Bacon

Locally Pastured Farm Fresh Egg

Havarti or Manchego

~ Baguette Sandwiches ~

Brie & Fig Jam- House Made Golden Fig Jam and d’Amir French Double Cream  Brie with Maldon sea salt on baguette. Optional addition of ham available.

Ham & Butter “Jambon Beurre” -Applewood Smoked ham and whipped Crémerie Classique sweet cream butter with fresh cracked pepper on baguette. Optional addition of fig jam available.

Smoked Trout- PNW wild caught smoked trout, dill compound butter, capers, radish pickle on baguette.

Turkey - turkey, Swiss, red onion, mixed greens, imported French dijon mustard, mayo & cracked pepper on baguette. Optional addition of bacon available.